"I agree with you, Annie. They've been great husbands and fathers. They're both fantastic," Ellie softly caressed the side of her breast, mesmerizing Jason. His gaze opened at a wide angle to take in a vision of which he had only dreamed.

"And they're so handsome too," Anne smiled glowingly as her hand drifted to the top hem of her panties. Her thumb and forefinger pulled the fabric towards her bellybutton, accentuating the contours of her mound and cleft, the warm fire reflecting in the satin.

"Yes, they're looking pretty damn good tonight," Ellie enticingly caressed her breasts with both hands. Her fingers slid under and around her globes with fingertips and thumbs touching hardening nipples under Jason's gaze.

"Do you ever think of them when you're masturbating?" Anne's hips rose slightly to allow the lingerie to slide next to her flower petals.

"Usually, my lovers are faceless when I masturbate. They're only there for my pleasure but sometime I do personify when I want to add a dimension of love to my fantasies." Her hand floated to the space between her open legs, tenderly brushing the lace covering her flower. She absorbed Jason's gaze with a look of steamy determination, "Usually it's Chaz, but sometimes Jason visits."

"That sounds like a good fantasy," Anne's middle finger lingered over the silken fabric, softly touching the top of her cleft, below her mound. Her eyes looked into mine. "What do you imagine with them?

"I think of Chaz fucking me while I have Jason..." Ellie blushed hesitatingly, raising her hand from her breast to a fanning motion next to her cheek. "Up here," Jason watched Ellie caress her lower lip as she opened her mouth. The tip of her tongue reached to touch her fingernail. "What about you?

"First of all, you can't have both of them. At least not tonight," Anne laughed.

"Oh, dam, we have to share?" Ellie feigned mock consternation." The laughter of the ladies filled the room.

"Usually, I fantasize about Jason fucking me or making out with my pussy when I'm getting myself off." Anne ran her finger along the middle crease of her lingerie, applying more pressure as she touched her sensitive bud. "But I do think about Chaz sometimes. Every once in a while I wonder what it would be like to feel his cock or give him a blowjob." Anne watched me melt as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue along her upper lip. She winked with an inviting smile and glanced at her husband, "Jason,"
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