As runners, we’re constantly reaching for the split-second edge.
As engineers, we’ll take any excuse to tinker with the status quo.
It all came together during a run through downtown Oslo on a morning in early spring. Every time we looked down to check our pulse, our pace, our progress, the placement of our watches slowed us down.
We were losing time whenever we attempted to gain it. That’s when we realized that our watch bands were stuck in a previous century.
During World War I, watches made a revolutionary move: from the pocket to the wrist. However, the 21st century has brought new interactions between the watch and the human body.
‍It’s time for a watch band that can help us move forward.
2 years of protoyping later, we’ve designed a band that offers optimal, easy viewing of your watch no matter how you move through the day- whether you’re running, cycling or looking at the shopping list in the store.
Positioned in the natural line of sight, your watch is better able to do its job (and so is the human that wears it).
From pocket to wrist to sport, we are proud to be innovators of the long-awaited evolution of watches.
Help us change the face of time as we help you SHIFT into a higher gear.[email protected]/
Website :
Visit: 3080 Blenkarne Dr Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA
Gmail: [email protected]
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15/5/95 (Age: 27)
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3080 Blenkarne Dr Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA

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