"She was invited to William's house warming party. Bill had several naked slaves displayed around the house, demonstrating the various features Master had built into every room, about six of Brianna's, both of Sam's, and Evelyn. Evelyn was prominently displayed in the living room. While Regina was there, taking it all in, she abruptly took off her clothes in front of everyone and asked Bill to accept her submission. Bill was hesitant at first, but he and Evelyn talked it over for a few days and William finally agreed to accept Regina as his slave. He said Regina could help keep his house clean since he doesn't hire help for house cleaning, and it is a huge house He told Regina if she was going to be his slave this time, not to expect to abide by the same rules as she had last time. Evelyn was his wife and Regina was not, therefore he would be harder on her than Evelyn. She agreed to abide by whatever rules he wished to make for her.

"By the way, I should mention Bill was very happy with the house Master built him. Now he has two slaves and has many occasions to use the built in features to correct them.

"Of course, she quickly found how different her new slavery was from the first. The first thing he did, was explain how her head would be shaved. I suspected he was testing her resolve to become submissive and how she'd respond. She certainly squawked about it when he suggested it during her initial week. But she told Bill to cut her hair off. He had all her hair made into a wig, which she can wear when he's happy with her. If he's not, she goes bald. He has her shave her head every time she shaves her cunt. I haven't seen her hair longer than bristles ever since. She had to get the same slave piercings Evelyn has, plus he had 'Whore' tattooed on her mons to commemorate her first slave name. It's also clear Evelyn is top slave in every way. Unless Bill countermands her order, Evelyn may order Regina around. It means she gets the shit jobs around the house like cleaning bathrooms.

"Another thing he does is push them to be better or more pleasing than one another. They're each given a task first thing in the morning, both of them must perform. Whoever does the task best, such as suck his cock or shine his shoes, gets ten fewer spanks in the morning. The other one receives the additional ten the other didn't receive, in addition to their normal quota, and has to wear the Slave Trainer until the battery dies. Evelyn, being the more experienced slave and knowing her Master better, won most of the initial tasks, but Regina has started winning more frequently. Evelyn is still the winner most of the time, but she's been wearing a Slave Trainer more often. Despite the competitions between them, they've become great friends."
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