Dear Traveler, Let's Understand How to Save Yourself when the Plane Window Glass is Broken

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FOR travelers who like to take pleasure in using the air route, you should know how to save yourself when the plane window is broken.

Launching The Sun, Harrison Murray, a pilot, advised passengers to immediately save themselves by wearing masks.

Murray explained, when an emergency occurs, usually the oxygen mask will come out automatically from its place.

This is because of the regulation that every aircraft flying at an altitude above 15,000 feet is required to provide 10 minutes of oxygen per passenger.

While the passengers were wearing oxygen masks, the pilots had to very quickly lower the plane and make an emergency landing.
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Using an oxygen mask is important. If passengers fail to use it, they will lose consciousness and have little chance of surviving.

"So, if the window glass breaks, you will experience rapid depression. You will feel the high noise, the temperature on the plane drops, the cabin foggy, and the discomfort in the stomach because the gas expands," explained pilot Harrison Murray.

On the other hand, the pilot tried to save the plane.

"Up front, we'll do a checklist, we'll put on oxygen masks, flick the switches so passengers get oxygen masks too. We'll start doing emergency disembarkations, checking everything and making plans to divert to the nearest airport," he explained.

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