Diana Jenkins Donates To Families Of Lion Air Flight Victims


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Diana Jenkins announced she donated to the Lion Air flight crash victims' households after getting to know about them on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Diana Jenkins donated $100,000 to the households of the victims of the Lion Air flight crash.

Diana joined the women of RHOBH in the most latest season and has been a polarizing parent amongst followers and viewers. Many followers even for Diana to now not return for RHOBH season thirteen

She is one of the wealthiest housewives on RHOBH, and she ruffled viewers' feathers by means of flaunting her riches and coming go as out-of-touch and snobby.

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She made remarks revealing that she had by no means shopped in a save and again and again made her monetary repute known.

While pleasure for her arrival used to be at the beginning high, Diana's tenure on RHOBH was once peppered with social media gaffes and limitless bickering with the different housewives, which led to less-than-favorable opinions from viewers.

Among the housewives she clashed with, Sutton Stracke used to be specially embroiled in arguments with Diana. The two received into a heated again and forth after Diana arrived at Garcelle Beauvais's birthday party, regardless of insisting she used to be on mattress relaxation a following miscarriage.

The anxiety between Diana and Sutton bubbled over, and the two made no headway in coming to an appreciation or truce.

Recently, Diana introduced by means of her social media that she will be placing some of her fortune to exact use. The housewife is donating $100,000 to the households of the victims of the Lion Air flight tragedy. In 2018, Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea after taking off from Indonesia, ensuing in the loss of life of 189 passengers and crew.

"I sense so sympathy for the widows and orphans left behind," Diana wrote. "I prefer to do what I can to help these human beings who suffer so much."

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