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Local Steals & Deals, coordinated by shopping expert Lisa Robertson, allows shoppers to purchase high-end items at bargain prices.
Important note from More with Less Today: We have no affiliation with Local Steals & Deals or the products they promote. This website features daytime specials from shows like Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, The Talk, Wendy Williams, Kelly and Ryan, and more! I keep track of their availability on my blog. You no longer have to lose out on a good deal.

Local Steals and Deals is your one-stop shop for authentic articles and exclusive features on incredible companies. Take a look at our hosts below, who are showing off some of our blockbusters.

Local Steals and Deals is a discount shopping website that brings together the continuing rebate buying experience with local merchants. Localized independent business owners use Local Steals & Bargains to promote their products and provide special deals to viewers. Endorsers receive additional restrictions in addition to the specials offered to all viewers. Aside from outstanding deals, Local Steals & Deals offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee: to provide each customer with a safe buying experience. Orders will be delivered directly to the address you choose. If you have questions about your request, lost or damaged items, or if you are not completely satisfied, go to the Local Steals and Deals site and touch the "Need Help?" option to get assistance.

Orders are delivered according to the schedule listed on each item. Custom orders may take longer, which will be indicated in each exchange. We intend to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. If you need to cancel or amend your transportation address, please contact our customer service center as soon as possible after submitting your request. Thank you for understanding that, in general, your request will be proactively addressed, and we will not be able to amend or drop delivering addresses.

For More Info: Local Steals and Deals (Lisa Robertson): See Today's New Deals
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