Having a wedding at the beach is nothing short of impressive


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Hoi An, an old town on the banks of Hoai River, was once a popular and busy port called Faifo. Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese are living together in here in the old days, busy trading all day and night. It was now located in the lower Thu Bon River in Quang Nam province, is a famoust tourist city with the common name “Hoi An Ancient Town”. Coming to Hoi An is to be immersed in traditional cultural space, there are still many old houses in Hoi An, which show the typical architecture of Vietnamese. It also have ancient villages such as Kim Bong carpentry village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Phuoc Kieu copper casting village,… Walking in the old town make you feel like you are back in the past centuries. Everything is old and tinged with old colors. Besides, making lanterns is a famous traditional handicraft in Hoi An. Lanterns of all shapes, sizes and colors. If you travel to Hoi An on the full moon, you are very lucky to see the glitter of lantern. Electric lights are off, streets are lit by lanterns, Hoi An appeared with sparkling, fanciful, which bring great experience to the visitors. But not everyone knows that Hoi An also owns charming coastlines that are as beautiful as the famous seaside towns of the country. All the resorts built there are blessed with incrediblely beautiful and captivating beach scenery, as well as wonderful wheather, where sun always shines bright and there are always fresh, light breezes in the air.
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All reason are mentioned above make Hoi An the best place to make a wedding ceremony. Melida and Aaron choose Hoi An for their romantic beach wedding ceremony because they love the beauty and peacefulness of this place.

In preparation for the wedding day, the couple also found many places for taking pictures and holding a wedding ceremony. However, in the end, they were attracted by this beautiful place. Melinda and Aaron choose a luxury resort in Hoi An, where white sand beach, romantic space is suitable for a dream wedding of many woman. Guests for the wedding are all relatives and friends, the wedding is small but warm, very true to the aspirations of this couple.

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If we have preparation for marriage . you can choose to consider for the beach or luxury resort wedding ceremony.

Accentuate the beach's natural features.
Add in colors to contrast the light color of the sand.
Shop local for destination weddings.
Prepare for windy conditions.
Get a beach permit if needed.
Plan wisely, avoid crowds.
Arrange sturdy seating.

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