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1. Helps to relax, unwind

Agreeing to spend the night with someone, we immediately know that tomorrow we will not be loaded with worries, we will not think about how to behave further in order to move the relationship forward. It doesn't matter to us whether a man drives a foreign car or a domestic car and whether he has marriage and children in his plans. Such sex is like a gift: they make you feel good, but you don't owe anything for it.

2. Good for health

The benefits of sex, of course, are not discussed. And for a person who regularly lives a sexual life, prolonged abstinence is fraught with quite obvious physical problems. The hormonal system demands its own, and fling - as one-night stand is sometimes called (literally translated from the English word fling) - often turns out to be very useful.

3. Helps you believe in your attractiveness

From movies and TV shows, the image of a free, independent girl who, like a cat, walks by herself came to us. She is elegant, graceful, chic and sexy as hell. She lures men into her networks and easily lets them go in the morning. Such an image is the dreams of not only men, but also women.

It is not surprising that one-night stand helps to feel like a kind of mature temptress. In addition, repeated repetition of the fling helps to relax. A woman communicates more easily with men, gets rid of many complexes, clamps, finds a common language with different men faster.

4. Gives freedom

For those who have grown up in rules and norms, it will be useful to break out of the cocoon of the "good girl" and understand their own desires. In one-night stand, you don't need to pretend, you don't need to think about morality and morality, about life values. Perhaps this is your chance to prove yourself the way you have wanted for a long time, a chance to get real pleasure from sex, without complexes and embarrassments.


But there are also those who unanimously condemn the above, arguing that one-time sex is:

1. Dangerous

It is unlikely that during a dance, a couple of cocktails or a dinner for two, you managed to exchange certificates about the absence of STDs and confirmations about the frigidity of both. Even the presence of a condom (which is not discussed in principle, no matter how unexpected and vivid sex may be) will not protect you completely from unwanted pregnancy and from diseases that can be transmitted not only sexually. These include tuberculosis, and genital herpes, which is transmitted, including orally and sexually, hepatitis B and C, an acute form of syphilis, etc.

In addition, it is written on the condom itself that it will save you only in 98% of cases. In 2% you will get out by yourself. For those who use different partners every night, this is a tragic statistic. Relying on chance is like running on rails with your eyes and ears closed.

2. Immoral

In the society of those who have found or are striving to find a real feeling, one night stand fans are considered flawed. Sex without feelings empties the soul, they say. It dulls the sensitivity to various kinds of emotions, cultivates the habit of touching different men's hands and lips.

As a result, when you are lucky enough to meet your Only One, you will be for him not only an experienced hardened courtesan in bed, but also a woman who you need to try to excite. Because she no longer knows how to tremble from the first touch of even her beloved hands, and not all her places are already so susceptible to caresses.

Besides, where is the guarantee that your partner is free? Maybe his wife and three children are waiting for him at home? Their problems and his, you say. But speaking of morality, let's venture to assume that it's not just them and him anymore. And if at the same time you are also not free, then this significantly increases the tragedy of the situation.

3. Bad energy influence on us

It is believed that sex is the most powerful method of energy exchange of partners. In the process, you not only exchange moods, the general level of vital energy, but even destinies.

We think that everyone has faced energy vampirism at some time. So how do such people draw energy from us?

It even happens that you stand in the elevator with such a person in the morning, and no more work is needed, there is a feeling of emptiness. And in the process of sex, energy theft does not just double, but increases tenfold.

In addition, such a phenomenon as telegony is known. Someone says that it concerns only the first partner – the child will look like your first man. But in general, there is a reasoned opinion that a large number of partners in a woman really negatively affects the unborn child, since the energy fields of all "one-night" men will still surround the baby.

Actually, it is not necessary to go far for philosophical statements. If you once had an active sex life, often changing partners, then surely at some point you felt tired and empty. Frequent, unfilled feelings (at least minimal) sex is exhausting, especially for a girl, because our psyche is thinner and more sensitive than men's.

4. Rejection of men

If one-night stand is just a way for you to "hang out" before the appearance of ”the same” man, then there is a chance that you made a mistake in the approach. A sexy woman, surrounded by male attention, liberated, always carries a veil of attractiveness. She will be wanted, she will be paid attention to. But in your case, is this the attention you need? After all, each product has its own merchant, as they say. We only catch energetically those impulses that are close to us. Whether you will be close with your impulses to your ideal man is a big question.

5. Unwillingness to have a permanent relationship

They say that one-night stand is the lot of those who cannot grow up and take responsibility for a long relationship and sex with one man. Despite the fact that these fears are mainly attributed to men, women have not gone far. So if you are increasingly thinking about who to spend the next night with and how to have fun, and you are no longer 18, then maybe it's time to think "about high"?

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