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Richard Mille RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams

Richard Mille and the famous singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams (Pharrell Williams) formed a creative alliance. Richard Mille RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams.Through this fruitful cooperation, the vibrant RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams watch was born. Williams was inspired by watching the stars in the sky from his childhood and becoming an inspiration for Star Trek fans.

Farrell called his music "rebellion" and "subversion". His characteristic is constantly seeking new sources of ideas, new ideas and unexpected creativity. "If it's not rebellious, it's not particularly interesting. In our world, you need to stand out." Williams said. The design of the RM 52-05 is striking: the dial of this exclusive luxury watch is equipped with an astronaut helmet and the earth can be seen from Mars.

In the image and appearance of the spacecraft, the platinum of the institution is made of grade 5 titanium. On the bottom cover of this color watch, under the platinum, you can see a hollow titanium bridge similar to a platform, from which the rocket can be launched into space. Platinum includes a large amount of Tanglin glass, and because of their unique glittering inclusions, they are connected to millions of stars shining somewhere on the border of the world.fake watches

According to Farrell's idea, the front of the dial depicts Sailor Valley, which was named after the first space probe, Sailor 9, who was sent to our distant neighbors and took this huge volcanic canyon system for the first time. With the help of carving, the designer managed to draw a 7-kilometer deep gap, depicting the relief of the Sailor Valley. The carvings here are combined with the first complex enamel technique used. The fact is that if several layers of varnish are used to describe the oceans of the earth, then each continent is covered with only one layer.

The astronaut's helmet is carved from titanium and painted with a spray gun, reminiscent of the eternity and eternity of space. The white gold elements are set with black sapphires and diamonds, acting as spotlights to illuminate space and cameras installed by space swiss replica watches

Richard Mille's luxury watch case (49.94 x 42.35 x 16.15 mm) is made of titanium ceramic alloy; the case ring is made of TPT®-carbon widely used in the aerospace industry. In smaller details, the space refers to-the pointer is similar to the blade of a satellite, the design of the winding crown is similar to a ballistic sac, and the rubber cushion on it simulates the tire of a Mars self-propelled car. RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams timing device released.

RICHARD MILLE watch is specially created for PHARRELL WILLIAMS

Luxury watch brands often launch a new watch designed for celebrities or for specific celebrities. This is the case with the latest Richard Mille watch designed for Pharrell Williams. RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams showed the beauty of the earth on Mars and expressed one of Williams' dreams.Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic Replica Watch

How the concept came about
When a watchmaker decides to make a watch for a specific individual, they will keep in mind the timing skills. Accompanied by Pharrell Williams, he has always loved things related to space and grew up a fan of Star Trek. The concept of RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams combines his fascination with the universe and deep spirituality. When making a watch, Richard Mille's various departments worked together to design an outstanding watch! Carvers, enamelists and painters worked together to produce the extraordinary visual effects of the RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams Tourbillon Watch, and the end result was extraordinary.


With the RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams tourbillon watch, you can not only be inspired by this talented person, but also wear and appreciate beautiful watches. The new RM 52-05 watch has the following functions:

Calibre RM 52-05, hand-wound tourbillon movement with hours and minutes
Grade 5 titanium alloy base plate and bridge
Free spring balance with variable inertia
Fast rotating barrel, every six hours
Clockwork tooth with third involute profile and third wheel pinion
The decorative bridge depicts the astronaut's helmet
Brown metal ceramic case
Barrel-shaped pawl with progressive recoil
Sapphire crystal
Grade 5 titanium spline screws on bridge and case

Combining all these functions, you will have a luxury watch that is not only beautiful in appearance but also surpassed in the timing department.

Maybe you are already a collector of Richard Mille watches and want to sell the current watch to buy a new Richard Mille watch. If you want to know where to sell Richard Mille watches, or how to sell Richard Mille watches, chrono36 can help you.blancpain replica watches

Jacobs Co. Epic x Timing "Messi"

Polished titanium case (47mm), waterproof to 20 atmospheres. Mechanical movement, self-winding, JCAA05 movement, double compound chronograph with column wheel, continuous chronograph seconds hand, small seconds at 9 o'clock; polished / satin dial, luminous hands, ceramic bezel and chronograph buttons, sapphire Crystal back cover. Signature and blue mineral glass, rubber strap.

Tudor Black Bay P01

Steel case (42 mm), waterproof to 20 atmospheres. Self-winding mechanical movement, manufacturing MT5612 movement, with 70 hours of autonomy, date and official observatory certificate (COSC). An opaque round dial, illuminated hour-markers and hands, bidirectional rotating bezel, sapphire crystal and leather strap. replica Audemars Piguet Watches


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Replica Richard Mille Felipe Massa

Richard Mille presents a new grey cermet in the RM 11-05 Automatic Flyback Chronograph GREENWICH MEAN TIME

Long ago, Rich Mille earned his location among companies introducing brand new avant-garde materials into the making of watch - from ceramic in order to forged carbon to quartz TPT and more. By using the new exclusive gray cermet material in the new RM 11-05 Automatic Flyback Wathe GMT, the automotive as well as aerospace-influenced brand further highlights its status as a components innovator.

Such as Richard Mille's ultracomplications, the actual RM 11-05 packs numerous functions into its 50mm x 42. 7mm tonneau-shaped situation, all driven by it is skeletonized self-winding movement: flyback at 6 o'clock and also Chronograph counter at nine o'clock; GMT display along with luminous hands, easily flexible via push button (located on case at on the lookout for o'clock); Annual calendar together with semi-instantaneous large date in 12 o'clock, And the 30 days is displayed in Persia numerals on the scale from 5 o'clock. Operated through stylishly designed pushers among 1 and 2 o'clock and 4 and five o'clock, this chronograph also contains a countdown mode which uses a skeletonized disc using 60-minute markers instead of fingers so the user can see the number of minutes elapsed and also the number of minutes remaining. high quality replica watches

The warm greyish color of the cermet circumstance comes from a mixture of metal zirconium and high-performance ceramic inserts, heated and pressed with each other to form a homogeneous entire, in particular excluding elements for example nickel and cobalt -- usually used for such difficult materials, But it is considered the " bad glue" with regard to Richard Mille's partner, microtechnology company IMI Group, to be able to comply with Europe's REACH chemical substance safety standard. The gray cermet, which is less dense compared to titanium and has a firmness of 2, 360 Vickers : almost equal to diamond’s two, 400 Vickers hardness ~ is the result of a process known as “flash sintering, ” that combines a series of powerful Heartbeat added to the classic hot rubber stamping process. The substance is utilized in ballistics, aerospace airframe components and brakes upon racing vehicles,

Richard Mille's Caliber RMAC3 movement, visible behind any barrel-shaped sapphire window within the case back, features all of the technological advancements the brand is famous for, including a skeletonized baseplate and bridges in quality 5 titanium; variable geometry rotor, which allows the mainspring to be wound according to the wearer's activity level; a 50-hour power reserve stored in twin barrels for longer-lasting performance; along with titanium spline screws (also used to assemble the case) for more Good torque manage. replica Chopard Alpine Eagle Watch

Manufacturer: Richard Mille

Reference number: RM11-05

Features: Hours, minutes, seconds, wathe with flyback and count-down, annual calendar with wrong date and month screen, GMT

Movement: Quality and reliability RMAC3, self-winding, skeletonized, baseplate and bridges in level 5 titanium, wet-blasted in addition to PVD treated, chamfered as well as hand-polished, polished pivots, diamond-polished sink, bevelled wheels, sixty-eight jewels, 28, 800 vph, 50-hour power reserve

Situation: Carbon TPT case, class 5 titanium caseback, dreary cermet bezel; grade a few titanium crown; anti-glare sky-blue crystal, water resistant to fifty meters

Bracelet and also Clasp: Rubber Strap

Dimensions: Diameter = 50mm x 42. 7mm, Elevation = 16. 15mm

It's hard to believe that will such a popular watch originates from a company that was almost set up in the days of Swiss horological industry. Founded by French business person Richard Mille in 99, Richard Mille SA failed to sell its first view until 2001! How they find a way to compete with the more established luxurious Swiss brands that have been running a business for over 100 years is a really monumental feat. luxury replica watches

RM11 design

The actual RM11 is a true world watch that looks amazing on the wrist. As Joshua describes it, " This particular watch is a total bully. " As a result, anyone putting on this behemoth from Rich Mille is sure to be thrilled with the intense, radiant " watch game" (which needs to be Eric's most One of my personal favorite buzzwords) stands out. Despite their impressive size, this Rich Mille timepiece is extremely comfy thanks to its curved style. To quote Eric...

" It has a sq . Tonneau design that fits really comfortably on the wrist. You can observe it has a curved back. As soon as it's on the wrist, it seems like a glove. "

The RM 11 product is named after the Brazilian F1 driver who was also a individual friend of the company creator. No wonder this timepiece was designed to look like a complicated F1 car. As Eric described...

" They already have had this slogan for a long time that says 'racing device on your wrist. '" replica Graham watches

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