The secret of a successful marriage relationship.


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15 proven secrets of a long and happy marriage

1. Your marriage is one and for life
Think in this way. At the beginning of the quarrel, remember this. All scandals are meaningless. Sooner or later you will come to something common, but the residue will remain for a long time. Learn to find compromises!
2. A loved one is not property
If restrictions and prohibitions prevail in the family, total control and strict rules, then such a marriage becomes torture for both spouses. The foundation of a relationship is trust!
3. Stay true to each other
Treason is a direct path to the disintegration of the family. Don't forget about honesty. Never let someone else near your heart and body. Only your spouse should have access to you!
4. Praise each other more often and make compliments
Do not dwell on the insignificant shortcomings of your husband or wife. Praise for all the positive qualities of your half. All people are imperfect. Be sure to compliment each other. Especially women!
5. Do without criticizing your loved ones in society
Do not complain about the chosen one to your loved ones. Don't sort things out in public. Express your dissatisfaction in private in an acceptable format. Your friends and family should respect your other half!
6. Time changes everyone
And your husband or wife is no exception. Even if you have been married for more than 10 years, look at your half from the other side and fall in love again. Accept any changes in each other!
7. Don't relax
Love needs to be warmed up from time to time. Remember about romantic dinners, pleasant gifts for no reason, trips to the cinema. Conquer your half again and again!
8. Be best friends
It is important to remain open to your husband or wife, to trust secrets, to ask for advice, to ask for help. There is no point in hiding something from each other.
9. It doesn't matter who earns more
It doesn't matter who earns more, husband or wife. The main thing is financial stability!
10. Respect each other's personal space
Everyone has the right to personal time and space. Respect each other's interests. Also, each of you should have the right to be alone. Agree among yourselves how it can be done!
11. Gather the whole family
Discuss business, solve problems, ask each other for advice, provide support, especially if someone from the household is in a difficult situation. Be a team!
12. Be able to hear
Not only listen to your half, but also hear. Be attentive to what they tell you. Perhaps right now they are waiting for support or advice from you!
13. Take care of each other and learn to forgive
Don't quarrel, but build a constructive dialogue. It will be difficult, but gradually it is brought to automatism. Do not hurt your loved one with offensive words, such wounds take a long time to heal. Forgive each other. Don't remember what happened. Make the right conclusions and do not repeat mistakes!
14. Look for common ground
Develop together, look for intersection points. You can do one hobby together. Look to the future in one direction, make joint plans, implement them!
15. Do not forget about sex
Attraction to each other is important to fuel regardless of age. Keep yourself in good shape, experiment more often in bed. Sex life should be intense!
Observing these difficult rules of a happy family relationship can not only strengthen the marriage, but also save the family from disintegration. However, do not forget that all this works only when two people want it.


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One secret of a happy and last-long relationship is trust. If you have trust in your partner's love and actions, and vice versa, nothing could stop happiness from happening in your relationship.


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