Tuyển dụng PHP developer [Đà Nẵng]


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Mô tả công việc
  • Developing Website / Software Applications for customers. Mainly working with PHP.
  • Dealing with task given accurately and thoroughly, in order to meet the deadline of tasks.
  • Writing testable, efficient code.
  • Keeping the coding rules.
  • Writing and executing unit test to assure your code work properly.
  • Escalating and consulting leader or senior developer immediately when there is any problem.
  • Working from Monday to Friday.

Yêu cầu
  • 2 years experience of backend developing with PHP language.
  • Can understand and use realted frameworks.
  • Possible to implement the design, refine or add basic functions.
  • Experienced in working with database.
  • Possible to reuse features and functions.
  • Following the prepared coding rules.
  • Can create test case from spec.
  • Testing according to test spec.
  • Having a positive attitude, speak logically.
  • Having a positive attitude to learn.

Quyền lợi
  • Fully pay social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premium according to regulations.
  • Take part in an intensive training course according to the company's regime.
  • 1 day of annual leave after signing the official contract per month.
  • Company festival once a month. Travel with the company once a year (Domestic or foreign).
  • Bonuses for holidays, Tet, 13th-month-salary.

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