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vital synergy keto why I'm doing it today also want to take you through a little bit more of what is a realistic day of eating while on a cuts because my other what I eat it is have been exactly what I've been eating in the day but those days have all been a little bit over my average goal so today what I have planned out is basically hitting my average goal for the week so I just wanted to walk you through food so I just kind of wanted to walk you through like what I eat on a day where I am hitting my average goal for the week or a little bit below that just goes like I die I don't like showing days where I eat lower because I don't want people to think that they need to eat a very little amount but it's because I have other days where I've averaging a lot more so this one take you through a day where I'm eating a little bit below my average so keep in mind this it so keep in mind I am aiming for a weekly average as I go through this and I have had a day this week where I eat about at maintenance so I am gonna have to have days this week where I'm eating below my goal for my weekly average so today is gonna be one of those days I mean maybe who knows maybe I might end up eating a little bit extra who will see so I'm about to go my breakfast but really qu

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