What is the distinction in between a Center as well as a docking terminal?


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Less costly, mobile, and very easy to bring, however functions are not as solid as a docking terminal. Its compact layout brought about worse warmth dissipation and also higher working temperature. Ideal for business trips and also light use, not suitable for professional users.
Docking station:
High in cost, large in dimension, as well as difficult to carry, however with even more effective features and much better warm dissipation. Suitable for expert customers. (Some docking terminals not as big as you assume)

This is the D53 Docking Station from lention.

What is USB standard?
Merely speaking, USB Criterion stands for the speed and also functions of a USB port.
USB-IF is a charitable firm established by the team of companies that developed the Universal Serial Bus specification. The USB-IF was developed to give a support company and discussion forum for the development as well as adoption of Universal Serial Bus modern technology. Merely talking, USB-IF collection USB port standard, as well as the usual USB criterion is shown as listed below:
All in all, USB-C is better than USB-A because it has far more functions, yet USB-A has much better compatibility. The higher the USB standard number, the faster the USB port transmission rate.
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